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Wildcat trail specs

wildcat trail specs

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Gateway Colorado to ride with Arctic Cat. The resort pretty much dominates the small unincorporated town of Gateway. The geography of this area is incredibly beautiful and the resort is first class.

wildcat trail specs

After nearly a year of teasing us, Arctic Cat was finally ready to get us behind the wheel of their new Wildcat Trail. The Wildcat is much bigger and it built for bombing through the open desert and the Wildcat Trail is smaller and able to ride on trails only legal to ATVs and inch or less UTVs. Wildcat Trail vs. Both vehicles come it at 50 inches wide and under lbs.

Wildcat Trail is noticeably longer than the RZR As you can see, the specs line up pretty close. I do really like doors instead of nets. The power is delivered through a new Team Industries clutch that hooks up well. And the packaging of the engine and clutch is very compact. Maybe even a cc version for the Wildcat? Premium FOX nitrogen gas-charged shocks.

The suspension soaked up some mildly rough terrain on the trails near Gateway and I never felt the suspension bottom out. The Wildcat Trail seating position is 3 inches lower than the RZR and it has front and rear swaybars. Even with the narrow track width, I felt fairly stable with no noticeable body roll at all even during hard cornering.

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But you cannot toss it into corners as you can with the full-size Wildcat. Remember this is a trail machine! One of the features I really liked on the Wildcat Trail is the addition information provided by the new Digital Gauge. I find coolant temperature and batter voltage very important and I am glad that Arctic Cat added this to their display.If you are into extreme riding, using wheel spacers, racing, or even want to use specific after-market wheels you know that the puny 10mm wheel stu Includes everything you need to put a Viper lb winch on your W Convenient underhood storage.

Lid features a gasket for a watertight seal.

Wildcat XX

Built-in mini skid plate — Integrates with Arctic Cat under Front Flares Provide front and side coverage diverting mud and debris. Sleek design maintains in. Scratch-resistant coating for a clear view. Two gas-assist shocks hold in full open position. Two lower panel vents provide airflow with windshield Baja inspired steel tube design with plate mounting — Provides durable long lasting application and function with aggressive styling.

Provides for Bolt-on design provides secure storage. No drilling necessary allowing for convenient installation. This package deal gives you the opportunity to save when purchasing a harness bar and harnesses for your machine. Comes with the Dragonfire harnes Style integration — Matches other Wildcat Trail accessories Scratch-resistant polycarbonate without bends provides an excellent field of view.

Lower panel venting design allows easy hood access. Unique arche Properly installed harnesses greatly improve the enjoyment of all recreational rides by allowing everyone in the vehicle to focus on their surround Overhead coverage — Blocks glaring sun.

The EZ adjusters Shatter-resistant polycarbonate rear panel provides a clear field of view. Dual vents for controlled airflow. Custom integrated trim seals tightly Flush Mount System for excellent ground clearance.

Steel Construction that provides durable toughness. Empire Theme by Pixel Union. Website template by Shopify. View cart.

wildcat trail specs

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Sign Up. Added to your cart:.The RZR has 6.

wildcat trail specs

The Trail XT features a smaller but highly efficient parallel twin and super-low seating for a low center of gravity. Forthey have added Electronic Power Steering to this already impressive little car. The RZR is hands down faster than the Arctic Cat, but the Wildcat Trail really puts up a good fight, especially when considering its cc disadvantage. They both top out at the same reasonably fast 65 mph, but the Arctic Cat takes quite a while longer to get there.

In a drag race, the RZR jumps out of the hole a little quicker and then pulls two or three car lengths before they both top out around 65 mph. If you add in a hill or any type of incline, this gap will increase.

The CVT clutching is great on both machines; they are easy to drive in both slower and high-speed situations. The Polaris had a slightly more refined clutching feel to it, but we would really have to nitpick to find fault with either. The Wildcat features a more commonplace 4WD setup with switchable 2WD and 4WD and includes the option of electronically locking the front diff.

We took both these machines up a super-tight and technical trail that bordered on motorcycle singletrack. They were impressive to say the least. The boss man suggested we turn back multiple times, but we continued to fight our way through rocks, tree roots and deep ruts that looked borderline impassable. Wherever we would find the Arctic Cat needing diff-lock, the additional ground clearance on the RZR seemed to make light of the same situation.

If the Wildcat was hanging up on anything, you could engage diff-lock and find plenty of power and traction to conquer the obstacle. It might be different if we mixed in a little rain and mud, but in dry conditions, we were equally impressed with both 4WD systems, even though they are drastically different. The 4WD system on the Arctic Cat is a little more noticeable in higher-traction driving situations, and you will see a benefit from switching in and out depending on the terrain.

These two inch-wide machines both handle surprisingly well. They both soak up the rough, steer pretty well and are remarkably stable for inch platforms that can hold two full-sized adults. The Fox RZR is the clear winner when it comes to all-around handling, but it has a little bit of an advantage being the double throw-down model with the high-zoot Fox shocks.Page of Go.

Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Arctic cat snowmobile service manual 64 pages.

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Page 2 Such efficiency not only helps build consumer confidence but also saves time and labor. The symbol! Be sure to fol- low the directive because it deals with the possibility of serious personal injury or even death. Page 4: General Information Connecting Rod small end bore max Using Arctic Cat Engine Storage Preserver, rap- The ignition switch must be in the OFF position prior to idly inject the preserver into the air filter opening for a installing the battery or damage may occur to the igni- period of 10 to 20 seconds; Lubrication Points 4.

Dry both filter components. Put the foam filter in a plastic bag; then pour in air fil- It is advisable to lubricate certain components periodically ter oil and work the filter. Remove the spark plug wires from the spark plugs. Using compressed air, blow any debris from around Before removing a spark plug, be sure to clean the area the spark plugs.

Dirt could enter engine when removing or installing the spark plug. Using the Oil Filter Wrench and a ratchet handle or a socket or box-end wrenchremove the old oil filter. Remove the headlight adjustment cap screw. WTA 2. If low, add Arctic Cat Transaxle Fluid as necessary.

To change the lubricant, use the following procedure. WTA 1. Page 13 WT WT 6. Release the spring clip securing the headlight bulb; 3. Starting with the interior mounting stud, install the then remove the bulb. Page 14 1. Remove the fasteners securing the facia to the storage box. WT 2. Connect the wiring harness and secure the facia using WTA the existing fasteners.

Tighten securely. Disconnect the wiring harness. The geometric center of the HIGH beam light zone is to be used for verti- cal aiming. If the fluid level gets low in the reservoir, refill the reservoir before the bleeding procedure is continued.

Page Burnishing Brake Pads 3.Built to handle boldly, corner ruthlessly and dominate the most extreme terrain. A side-by-side ready to take on dirt, dunes, mud and rocks with HP and suspension technology rooted in off-road racing.

We did our homework and built a suspension system that hugs hairpin turns, dominates uneven terrain and outperforms the competition. A better ride starts up front. Our unequal length A-arms neutralize camber, grabbing more of the ground to stabilize you through every white-knuckle corner.

It links to the front instead of the sides to keep your wheels moving up-and-down, not side-to-side. Many vehicles are plagued with side-to-side motion that pushes you off course, requiring constant steering corrections and robbing you of stability.

Rock-solid, rigid shocks are built for big impact. But looser, more flexible shocks are more comfortable. Instead of choosing, we gave Wildcat XX both. When you want to dial in a more precise ride for the obstacle in your way, FOX QS3 technology lets you do it more quickly and more simply than other suspension systems. When you hit a little turbulence, a secondary piston engages in the final 30 percent of shock travel, packing an additional 3, pounds of damping force.

A best-in-class naturally aspirated engine with HP sacrifices nothing and is built to take any challenge head on. We doubled down on durable, tested parts, including:. Greater flexibility on all kinds of terrain, along with superior rock crawling ability.

It has more than enough travel to tame any terrain. The most spacious driver experience in the industry makes for the most comfortable ride. Wildcat XX stays high above terrain, so you can leave obstacles in the dust. No need to give this ride a breather — steady airflow keeps Wildcat XX cooler in hot conditions. The toughest challenges demand the toughest safety features, like our durable roll-over protection system.

Full-length hard doors give riders added protection from the elements. Coverage over each wheel keeps dust and other debris from reaching the cab. Get more juice for your add-on parts with a standard amp alternator and pre-installed wiring.Customer Service. Call Us: My Account Sign In. Welcome Back! My Account Sign Out. The Arctic Cat Wildcat is a machine to contend with. As far as side by sides go, it's a UTV that's all sport and all attitude.

Luckily, you can make your rig even more of a slick ride with the right set of Arctic Cat wheels and tires from our big selection. We're proud to carry Arctic Cat Wildcat wheels and tires to fit your style.

Remember that the right set of wheels and tires can make all the difference in appearance and performance. Need the right set of tires to tackle any terrain? We've got everything from street legal tires to heavy duty tires that can rip through mud, rocks, and debris with ease.

Plus, when you shop at Side By Side Stuff, you can take advantage of free shipping and shared shipping deals that can help you save more. Shop and save on Arctic Cat wheels and tires today. Premounted Wheel and Tire Kits. View all Categories.

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First Ride - Arctic Cat's New Wildcat Trail

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